Europa Cup Sofia 2016

7.plads til Frederik Jørgensen


  The Senior team participated in the first European Open of the Year.

Anja Lunding -52; Emilie Sook -70; Sebastian Laursen -81; Oliver Nelmark -90 and Frederik Jørgensen -100

Saturday was the lightweights Anja Lunding went 0-1 going out of the tournament early.

Sunday was the heavyweights: Emilie Sook went 1-1 winning her first IJF fight and losing to the winner of the tournament in the second round. Sebastian Laursen went 0-1 losing to the winner of the tournament. Oliver Nelmark went 2-1 winning his first 2 fights and the losing in the third round. Frederik Jørgensen became 7th place, he went 2-2 winning the first two, and then losing the 1/4 final to the bronze medalist and again in the repechage.

Congratiolation to all the participants.

Next week more action with Frederik at the Paris Grand Slam

Miguel Lopes Head Coach




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