Guld til Lærke Olsen

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Guld til Lærke Olsen ved, Junior European Cup La Coruna.




In the weekend the Danish Junior Team, participated in the Junior European Cup in La Coruna, Spain.

4 players were on the mats for Denmark.

On Saturday, Mathias Ferre and Anders Olsen both in -66kg. Anders went 1-2 winning his first fight, but ending up losing to the winner and then again in the repechage. Mathias went 1-1 winning his first fight and then losing his second bout in the last second.

On Sunday, Asta Hagelskjær and Lærke Olsen both in -63kg. Asta went 2-2 and finish with a 7th place result. Lærke took her first medal in the Junior Circuit. After 4 wins Lærke took the gold medal back to Denmark, very nice work from the first year junior.

Congratiolations to all.

Best regards,

Miguel Ogando Lopes, Head Coach



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